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gurkepepinillo's gameplay for Europa Universalis II (PC)

gurkepepinillo played Europa Universalis II

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gurkepepinillo said...
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More confused than sad really. England isn't supposed to get an explorer, historically anyway, until the late 1500s and here they can see Massachusetts and Prince Edward Island and all sorts of things that they shouldn't. But I did manage to steal the tip of Greenland out from under France's nose. It's there own fault, really, they declared war on an insane alliance and got their trading posts burned down. So I got one of them! Yay me.
Europa Universalis II

Europa Universalis II (PC)

Genre/Style: Strategy/2D Real-Time Strategy
Release Date: 16/NOV/01
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were you playing as England?
No! Of course not. England is big and powerful, there wouldn't be any challenge and why would I be upset if I got to see new colonies. No, I am playing as the Netherlands. They are not actually supposed to exist until the late 1500s but Chris changed the game file so that I could exist at the beginning of the game.
well maybe that's why England could see things, cause history got changed and now the time stream is all screwed up
And the sliders are going to one day discover this new dimension we have created and wonder why Canada and the Northern United States are Dutch territory.
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